Camp Next Step

Enrollment is now open for our exciting 2018 Camp Next Step for ages 14–17.

This two-week camp will be filled with action-packed adventures, life skills training, adaptive computer technology, self-awareness/advocation, communication skills enhancements, job searches, and other skills to prepare them for transitioning between high school, college and employment!

Enroll Today!
Applications due no later than May 31st.

The mission of Camp Next Step is to help prepare students with vision loss to participate fully and competitively in their transition from high school to college, volunteerism and/or employment.

Camp Next Step instills a sense of well-being and confidence in each student that attends so that they are prepared to achieve their goals to be productive members of their communities. Students will receive instruction on how to better care for themselves and their home environment; travel safely and independently within the community using various modes of transportation; self-advocate, communicate more effectively, set and achieve personal goals; and use adaptive computer technologies to send and receive emails with attachments, fill in electronic forms, search for jobs or colleges on the internet. These skills will help prepare them for their transition from high school to employment.

In addition, students will be provided with opportunities to tour a college campus, participate in community volunteer activities, and learn about and demonstrate the ability to work or shadow in various job settings. Some of the jobs available include receptionist, data entry, landscaping, sanitation and maintenance, etc.

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