Message to The Public

Dear Friends, Students and Clients of the Savannah Center for Blind and Low Vision,

We are reaching out to let you know that we recognize the role we play in providing services to you or your loved ones who live with vision loss.  While we will not be holding group sessions over the next few weeks, we will remain open for any help you may need during this difficult time.  Our staff will be on hand and may be able to help you, one on one in the Center or at your home.  You may contact us at any time.

We are also following CDC guidelines in keeping our offices and common areas carefully cleaned and disinfected at all times.  We ask that if you are visiting the Center, please use the hand sanitizers and of course, wash your hands as recommended by the handwashing posters we have up in the Center.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 912-236-4473 for any questions.

Lois Modell, Executive Director ext: 109
Anika Futch, Director of Services ext: 105
Leslie Eatherly, Director of Marketing/Development ext: 108

Roy Hill, SCBLV Board of Directors President


Savannah Center for Blind and Low Vision offers programs and services that promote independence and dignity for people who are vision impaired or blind, their family, friends and the community.  The Center serves 29 counties throughout southeast Coastal Georgia and provides services for more than 475 people each year…and those numbers continue to rise.

Methods & Services

Our low vision clinic provides assessments, recommendations and training so that you can use your remaining vision most effectively. While we can make no promises, over ninety percent of people going through the clinic are able to improve the functional use of their vision.

We believe that the skillful use of computers and other technologies is essential in personal, professional and educational activities, opening opportunities for learning, employment and leisure.

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Service Areas

We provide service in 29 counties of Southeast Georgia. Depending on individual needs, services are offered either in the home or center-based.

The Center is located at 1141 Cornell Avenue in Savannah, GA. Our facility offers a home-based approach and allows students to interact with an environment that more closely resembles their every-day living experiences.

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