Project Independence Partners

Project Independence: GA Vision Program for Adults Age 55 and Older

If you, or someone you know, is at least 55 years of age or over and experiencing vision loss or a combined vision and hearing loss? Project Independence can help. This vision program for those 55 years of age or over is administered by the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency. The services provided may help you remain independent and keep on doing what you like to do.

Services may include

  • Skills training in your home community by certified rehabilitation specialists so you can keep on doing the daily tasks you like and stay active
  • Mobility training by certified instructors so you can travel safely
  • Support groups that offer opportunities so you can learn from and interact with peers who also have visual loss
  • Comprehensive low vision evaluations by qualified professionals to assess practical and useful ways to access information with magnification
  • Assistive aids/devices such as talking watches and clocks, lighting, big button phones, various household and kitchen aids

The Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency contracts with Service Providers located throughout Georgia.

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