Success Stories: Jessica Thomas

Success Stories at Savannah CBLV

My name is Jessica Thomas. Since attending Savannah Center for Blind and Low Vision, I have not only freed myself from my mental cage of depression, anger, and fear of life… I have also found new goals and views on life and what I am capable of as well. The Center is not only an education, loving, caring environment; it also serves as a safe haven for emotional support for those with low vision or even blindness. Being at the taught me that family does extend beyond your parents, sisters, brothers, etc., which is more than I expected. It’s been with great pleasure that I have been blessed with the opportunity to attend the Center and work alongside my peers, teachers, and the staff. If you’re looking for a personal view or inside view about the school or staff… then look no further. The Center opens doors for students…reintroducing them to a world of vision without having to have sight and teaching that you can do anything…you just have to do it different.

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